Guest Accounts for Five College Students and Others

If needed, Mount Holyoke College provides one-semester guest accounts for students who have registered for courses at Mount Holyoke.

The current semester for guest accounts is:   Spring,    expires=2019-05-31

Five College Students

Completion of this request form does not officially register you for a course.

This form should only be used if your
faculty member has indicated a requirement
for access to MHC computers other than Moodle.

(Not a Five College student?)

First Middle Last
Your 5 College email address  
College/University Login/username
Normally the same as the
left side of the email address.
College/University ID number  
Course number  
Faculty member Login/username
(Only one username needed
if course is team-taught.
Last name and department ok
if the username is not known.)
What service, other than Moodle,
is required for the guest account?
(Log into Moodle with your home
institution username/password.)

A confirmation email message will be sent to the email address.
If you do not see a confirmation message, check your spam files.