======================================================================== As we have moved MHC email to Google, Webshell functions have been made independent from Horde/Webmail. Webshell functions (including password profile page) ======================================================================== Most of the email accounts have been moved to: MHC Email at Google (or use "gmail.com" in your web browser) Log in using your full email address (i.e., include the "@mtholyoke.edu when you log in). No new email is going to Horde's Webmail for those who have transitioned to Google. ======================================================================== For account reinstatement and/or moving your email to Google, please email "account-manager@mtholyoke.edu" and include your MHC login/username and thw word "reinstatement" in the subject. ======================================================================== PHISHING ATTACK: Did you get a message "Your e-mail will expire soon"? PHISHING ATTACK: Did you just unexpectedly not get logged in? This page updated 04:31AM August 31, 2013. If you just entered your username and password on a page that looked similar to this page, and then you got this page, then it is likely you gave your password to a phishing page that was crafted to look like our login page. Also, if you got to a Webmail login page by clicking on a email link and entered your password, you probably just gave your password away. If so, immediately change your password. Go to the password profile page using the "login" link found toward the top of the main MHC web pages. PHISHING ATTACK: Read above message before continuing. ========================================================================

Horde Login
Login username for use only by the person to whom it is assigned.

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